Harry Potter must die

Bookies are certain Harry’s a goner. William Hill Plc, a London-based bookmaker, is so sure of Harry’s demise that it stopped accepting wagers and shifted betting to the possible killers.  Lord Voldemort, who murdered Potter’s parents, is the most likely villain, at 2-1 odds, followed by Professor Snape, one of his teachers, at 5-2.  "Every penny was on Harry dying, and it became untenable,” said Rupert Adams, a William Hill spokesman.  "People are obsessed about this book.”

Here is the full story.  The pointer is from John De Palma.


I guess also that the bets on who will kill Voldemort are going to show up also. I bet on Nevil Longbottom in being the one to kill him...as he will be the one to fulfil the Prophecy!!!!

Bets like this are tricky in a fantasy universe. Does the bet pay if Harry dies and returns to life? If he dies but becomes a ghost like those who inhabit Hogwarts? If his body dies but his spirit is magically implanted in a new body? Etc.

Harry Potter will be Voldemort. There's enough similarity between Earthsea and Harry Potter in general. No reason Rowling wouldn't copy the very ending too; where the great darkness is the one within.

Expect Harry to kill himself to rid the world of Voldemort (and then perhaps to be resurrected without powers).

I sortof agree with Macneil. Harry Potter isn't voldemort, but Harry is the final horcrux and can't kill Voldemort without killing himself.

I see 75% chance Harry kills himself to kill Voldemort, and 25% chance Harry turns Voldemort to the good side.

So does the statistical idea that large groups of people "guessing" on a number work here? You know the one where people guess the number of marbles or jellybeans in a jar and the average of the guesses tends to be within 2% of the correct answer.

YES, Harry Potter will survive J.K. Rowling’s 7th installment of the saga, The Deathly Hallows.

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