How to find my secret blog (new posts below this one)

It is simple.  Pre-order a copy of my forthcoming Discover Your Inner Economist: Use Incentives to Fall in Love, Survive Your Next Meeting, and Motivate Your Dentist.

It is by far the most fun book I have written, and it was written with you in mind.

Here is the Amazon link, which also offers a book synopsis.  Here is Barnes&Noble.  Then, just send an email to and tell me you bought the book.  I’ll send you the site address right away. 

But please, in receiving the site address you are making a pledge not to give it away, publish it, blog it, or otherwise reveal it.  Please don’t, it is our agreement.  You are also pledging your word that you actually pre-ordered the book.  I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

My secret blog has 43 posts, plus who knows I may blog there a bit more or take special requests over there.  I would describe it as quirkier and more offbeat than MR, sometimes ribald, and in some ways more personal. 

This offer won’t last forever, and the secret blog won’t be up forever, so pre-order the book now!

And please, do forward this post to at least two (or maybe more) of your friends.


Wow, a very clever idea...I'll write in right away...

it doesn't sound like this blog is going to be all that secret.

This is some kind of weird economics experiment and/or evil marketing ploy, right?

As a fairly new reader of your blog, could you give a bit of a synopsis of your book =) The title sounds interesting but I would like to hear a little more before I preorder.

Is it more advantageous for you to have someone click through your ad or your Amazon associate link in the blog post itself?

Tyler, this sounds like it could be a very interesting experiment in discovering the level of informal institutions your readers are able to form. Honesty and keeping promises without the threat of litigation or violence seems to have been adopted by very few cultures in the world.

I'll put money on it that it will be a long time before a Scandinavian reveals the site.

Is there such a thing as a *web*-log that is "secret?"

"I'll put money on it that it will be a long time before a Scandinavian reveals the site."

Guess again.

You should make people forward their email receipt!

Great idea though.

I second Ben's suggestion!

#283 in books. Not bad for not being available until August.

I look forward to reading it.

This morning I checked the sales rank, #1,797. As of this post #283.

It appears that the loyal MR readers are also loyal MR purchasers as well.

Wow, Amazon says that 52% of the people who view the page end up buying the book.

Quoting from the "secret" blog will reveal its location, as it is indexed by Google (well, only the last post is for now).

Is this an incentive?

This is obviously some experiment with incentives vs. honesty.

If I did not order your book but want access to your blog (the incentive), all I have to do is pledge my word. Of course, the disincentive is that the 'value of my word/honesty' diminishes, even though I may really care little about it since I don't know you personally and won't face adverse consequences.

So which one do you think I am going to choose...'I bought your book' :)

And oh yeah, Devin is right too...

Not sure if this is about the Secret or what? I am going to check out the book though. It sounds interesting. I came to this site cuz I thought was about The SEcret and the law of attraction. I absolutely love the secret and the law of attraction and how it has helped me in my life especially to understand more of how energy works. My husband had been trying to teach me so much of this for years and I thought it was a little out there. After watching and reading it, it has helped me in my marriage, in being a better mom and I even attracted a lucrative real business that is all about the law of attraction principals and personal development. It is just amazing looking back on how far I have come just from watching that. My 4 year old loves it and he knew immediately it was good. He said Mom this is about Love. He put his arm around me and sat and watched and smiled at me. Amazing. Truley amazing. So thank you for making it possible. Thank you to my mom for buying it for me and thanks to my husband and sorry I did not listen to you 1st!
Dana D. K.

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