Steve Levitt at the World Series of Poker

Here is one account, here is Levitt’s account of another round.  In the latest he did very well indeed.  Out of 900 or so contestants, I am hearing reports that he finished about #25, some sources are saying as high as #10.  The pointer is from Scott Cunningham, tell us more if you know more.

So how many dimensions does intelligence have?  Some top chess players, such as Etienne Bacrot, are switching into poker for the higher pay, though I suspect Levitt’s move is temporary rather than permanent.

Addendum: Here is Levitt’s account.


Note, that Levitt's account of his WSOP performance is for a different tournament - an earlier one this week. The link to PokerWorks has Levitt bubbling the final table of a different tournament - the $1.5k NLH Shootout. I was told it had a field of ~900 players, and Levitt went out around 10-25th (depending on the source). And, he went out in a total suckout scenario, where the guy he was headups against went all-in on the turn with a semi-bluff (Levitt had top pair with K-9), being basically a 75-85% favorite, and guy caught 1 of the 8 cards he needed to make a straight. How great had he made the final table of a WSOP tournament. Now that would've been lucrative - the payout from being at the final table plus however many extra books he would've sold! LOL

Levitt went out in 25th (by sequence of when he busted from the event). The format of the tournament was a winner-take-all format, where each table played to a winner to advance to the next round. As he was eliminated as runner-up at his table, I would place him finishing 10th-18th.

Alexander Grischuk has also been playing quite a bit of poker and he just this morning qualified for the chess World Championship tournament, after much speculation that he might have been lost to poker.

Am I the only one that finds Levitt's egomania and the constant Freakonomics tubthumping tiresome?

Is it me or was Jamie Gold just really, really lucky last year?

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