Meta Performance Art

I’m not a huge fan of performance art but I love this piece of meta performance art.  Damien Hirst (whose work features chopped up animals and maggots and flies) recently unveiled the most expensive piece of contemporary art ever, a skull encrusted with millions of dollars worth of diamonds.  In response, "Laura" created a similar skull using Swarovski crystals and in the middle of the night she dumped it outside the gallery along with a pile of trash.  Priceless.



LOL, nicely-done! ;-)

Link fixed. No irony intended! Do take a look, it's a classic.

Hurstskull1 link also broken.

See also the "Black Sheep" affair:

I actually thought the cows looked pretty cool. That skull isn't badly done either... other than being horribly unnecessary. I guess what's really horrifying about it is that it shows just how popular this guy is. THAT as a $99 million work of art by a living artist? Ew.

Hola quisiera saber que es lo que hace de esa instalación una metaperformance??

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