Taxation and fairness

1. What Greg Mankiw said

2. What Lew Frankfort said: "I don’t think it is
unreasonable…for the C.E.O. of a company to realize 3 to 5
percent of the wealth accumulation that shareholders realize.”

Background: "Mr. Frankfort, the 61-year-old Coach chief, took home $44.4 million
last year. His net worth is in the high nine figures. Yet his pay and
net worth, he notes, are small compared with the gain to shareholders
since Coach went public six years ago, with Mr. Frankfort at the helm.
The market capitalization, the value of all the shares, is nearly $18
billion, up from an initial $700 million."

3. What Matt Yglesias said: "The economy grew at a perfectly rapid clip in a broad-based manner in the 1950s and 60s."

4. What L. Ron Hubbard said: "…one of the greatest single moves which could be made to advance and vitalize a culture such as America would be to free, completely, the artist from all taxes and similar oppressions."

5. What Tyler said: "If you believe in the integrity of personal identity over time, the greatest unfairness is when people die young.  Let’s start by taxing the lucky old.  If you believe in the time-slice view of identity, the very old have a rough time of it.  Let’s start by taxing hipsters."   


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