Assorted links

1. Bob Frank lectures at Google

2. The Guardian reviews Discover Your Inner Economist, here; I liked the part when he called it "extraordinary."

3. Markets in everything: wedding apparel, never worn, via Henry Farrell.

4. Why Roberto Bolaño matters

5. What’s wrong with the fair tax? — Addendum: Bartlett’s piecei s now ungated here.


I find polemic fair-tax proponents like Boortz and polemic fair-tax opponents like Bartlett equally insufferable. Yes, the proponents are spinning for their cause when they advertise the inclusive rate. But the opponents are equally spinning for theirs when they pounce on this fact as if it were outright fraud. An honest commentator would call out the distinction and make clear that there are good reasons for citing the exclusive rate (because that is how sales taxes are usually expressed) and for citing the inclusive rate (because that is what can be directly compared to an income tax rate).

Prices will be relatively unchanged since the embedded taxes will be taken out, not to mention the fact that my paycheck will go up by 30%. His housing argument is also weak. Assuming people decide not to build as many new houses due to the tax, the prices of existing homes will increase and consumption will shift to a different industry. The composition of the economy will change, but growth won't be affected.

I don't like the "fair" part of the tax though. Just pick the lowest tax possible, and let welfare payments help the poor. Sending everyone a check is a big step in the direction of an even bigger welfare state.

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