Bonchon chicken

6653 Little River Turnpike, #H, Annandale, VA, 703-750-1424,  Is it the best fried chicken I’ve had?  I didn’t even mind the forty-minute wait, though now I know to call ahead, as the Koreans do.  Get it with both sauces – soy and garlic, and hot –and be sure to ask for the kimchi.

Here is the NYT on Korean fried chicken.  It’s also healthier than you think: crunchy, spicy, and non-greasy. 


I couldn't open the NYT article, so I googled it.

The one fried chicken place we tried while in Korea provided very dry fare. Perhaps I ought to have sampled more extensively, but the opportunity costs were high indeed.

Eric, why were the opportunity costs so high? I can't walk out my front door here without slamming into a "Chicken/Hof" restaurant... they're more common than PCbang, and you can't throw a rock without hitting one of those... maybe I'm missing something, or mistaking ubiquitous non-Korean-style fried chicken restaurants for what the article is talking about?

Neal - we were there for about 2 weeks. That's about 28 full meals, plus some snacks. The more times we'd sample fried chicken, the fewer times we could point at something random on a menu and wait with excitement to see what would show up. Opportunity cost: the interesting meals forgone, not the cost of finding another chicken/hof. Thinking more on it, we had fried chicken twice. The one I remembered earlier was mediocre; the other, at a hof, was much nicer. But, the opportunity costs were still too high to sample further.

It is also excellent cold, but the spice on the hot chicken really sneaks up on you when you eat it cold.

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