Discover Your Inner Playboy

Playboy reviews Discover Your Inner Economist.  Excerpt:

In the self-conscious style of a seasoned blogger, Cowen’s best moments
come when he riffs on the "Me Factor," his term for ego-driven
consumerism. As an avid art and food lover, Cowen’s advice on
broadening your taste focuses on transcending your own Me Factor, to
trick yourself into paying greater attention to your life. Cowen offers
this tidbit for not getting bored in an art museum: "In every room ask
yourself which picture
you would take home — and why." Focusing attention, not letting it
grow scarce, produces economic rewards just as much as investing in
your portfolio.

The link is reasonably safe for work, though one of the ads may make your attention more scarce.  Here is also an NYT and Reuters piece from today on the book.


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