Discover Your Inner Ecumenicist

I loved this blog post, it is wonderful when a reader sees what you are getting at:

So how can Cowen’s approach be applied to questions of faith? ReligionWriter contends that for many people, religious observances present problems similar to those of Cowen’s art museum. We want to enjoy the experience, and it’s part our self-image to believe we find going to the church or synagogue or mosque meaningful and fulfilling. Yet who has not yawned their way through a sermon or prayer at one time or another? How do you keep your mind from wandering from the divine service to thoughts about grocery shopping later in the day or your next work assignment?

Applying Cowen’s logic, the first and probably most difficult step is admitting that we don’t always enjoy religious services and observances as much as we would like to think we do.

The conclusion?

Next time you look for a book on religious inspiration, don’t walk too quickly past the economics section.

I’ll write more soon about the implicit theology in Discover Your Inner Economist.


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