Farewell to Alms

I’d like to soon start the MR BookForum on Greg Clark’s A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World.  I hear you’re all getting your copies now.  Ideally I’d put up the first post within 5-10 days, noting that the first session will be setting and overview.  You won’t need to have started the book by then.  Are you in fact all getting your copies from Amazon or elsewhere?

Here is David Warsh attacking the book.  Don’t discuss book content in the comments (save that for the BookForum), just let me know if the copies are coming through…


I've got mine. Have you decided on a reading pace?

Mine came, with the book cover on up-side down. UPS also had trouble with delivery. I find if you tell Customer Service, "this is almost as bad as what you guys did with Harry Potter," that you get problems resolved very quickly.

I was originally quoted a mid-October arrival date by amazon, yet it arrived over a week ago.

Received mine last Friday.

mine came last fri or sat (US, free shipping, from Amazon)

I've got mine.

I've got mine. I had actually forgotten why I had ordered it and have been reading it for most of the afternoon, trying to remember why I got it!

I have mine but I have to finish Harry Potter first. :)

Got mine.

I've already read it.

I ordered mine on Saturday. It should be in my mailbox next week.

Got mine, and almost finished already.

Haven't got mine. But it's my fault for not pre-ordering.

Got mine, decided to read your book first.

My copy shipped today.

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