Economics majors are rising

I had not known the trend was so pronounced:

The number of smart kids studying computer science
peaked a few years ago and has dropped dramatically since. The number
of new computer science majors today has fallen by half since 2000,
according to the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. Merrilea
Mayo, director of the Government-University-Industry Research
Roundtable at the National Academies, says the drop-off was
particularly pronounced among women.

Meanwhile, elite schools are reporting
that the number of economics majors is exploding. For the 2003–2004
academic year, the number of economics degrees granted by U.S. colleges
and universities increased 40 percent from five years previously.
Economics is seen by bright undergraduates as the path to a high-paying
job on Wall Street or at a major corporation.

Here is the full story.


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