I am so jealous

Markets in everything: a bus trip from London to Sydney.  That’s 12 weeks, in case you are wondering.

Thanks to Jose for the pointer.


This isn't a new kind of tour. I know a guy who used to lead this kind of tour in the 70s, he is now a travel agent in SW Australia. He has some of the best stories I've ever heard, involving drugs, death, fireworks and scary military interactions in Kashmir. If you ever meet someone whose been on a trip like this, take them to a bar, buy them a couple beers and have them tell you stories, you won't be sorry. (Note that Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran are core parts of this tour)

Very surprised you've never heard of those Tyler. No knock intended, but these aren't that uncommon.

12 weeks? Pshaw! If you really want an international travel experience, try one of Dragoman's year-long overlanding trips, like St. Petersburg-->UK via China and Africa (http://www.dragoman.com/destinations/tripdetails.php?cat=WPU).

Also, the Soviet Union (minus the three baltic countries) still exist in the map

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