Ad-supported cell phones

Can you stand the idea? You have to hear ads before you can make a call, of course the calls are free or at least cheaper.

This service would improve my life, as would any net per unit tax on cell phone calls, but that is hardly a predictor of future marketplace success.  Most people tolerate ads in their TV and radio shows, and indeed most of cable has evolved into an ad-supported medium.  so why ads in phone calls?  I suspect the difference is this: many viewers turn on the TV or radio to dull their senses and simply to hear voices or see faces.  Those who want more buy HBO and TiVo.  In contrast, we call on the cell phone to feel in control of a situation (am I too influenced by my experience of a teenage stepdaughter?).  The last thing the caller wants is to have that feeling of control interrupted by…lack of control.

May I presume that calls to 911 would not first be interrupted by an ad for Nikes?

People, readers, speak to me on this…


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