Assorted links, revised

1. Monkey wars?

2. Bolivian decentralization

3. A new Amazon feature: who writes short and long sentences?

4. Farewell to Alms MP4: Tyler Cowen, Brad DeLong, and Greg Clark.
It was much fun, as Brad and I realized we hadn’t seen each other since
graduate school.  Greg goes first, we each speak for about fifteen
minutes, Brad presents Michael Kremer, I talk about institutions, then
there are questions from the audience.

5. "After losing embassy employees to attacks, he advised staffers to keep a six-sided die in their glove compartments; to thwart ambushes, they should assign a different route to work to each number, he said, and toss the die as they left home each morning."  More here.


typo: die/dice

Only a 6? Surely there's a significant increase in safety in moving to Percentile dice. Admittedly, drafting up 100 distinct routes to the same destination is tricky, but you should only have to do it once per start/destination pair.

Monkey Business

When I was a research student at our Institute at Bangalore, a lot of monkeys migrated to our vast campus because their natural habitation was destroyed due to the extension of the city limits.They created nuisance to us.But all these familiar ones dissappeared on one fine morning and in their place new red-coloured monkeys reached the campus.We wondered what really happened.It took many days to solve the mystery.The leader of the monkey gang saw in a house top red oxide mixed by painters and curiosity tempted him to jump in to the pit where red oxide was stored. After having a virtual bath, he found it as so fascinating to see him painted in red colour.Soon his subordinates saw their leader's new red uniform and attracted by the colour they also jumped in to the pit and had red colur all over their body.
The monkey menace continued for some more months, and finally our Institute authorities appointed a monkey catcher and gave him Rs 5/- per monkey and he caught many of them and carried them far away to some remote villages and released them there.

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