Assorted links

1. What is up with SCHIP?, and a response by Jason Furman.

2. The economics of dating and gift-giving: "If I bought my wife the complete DVD set of Battlestar Galactica, she would suspect me of selfish behavior rather than dedication to her, even if she grew to love the show."  Which she hasn’t.

3. Can this be true?

4. The marriage market, simply explained, via Megan McArdle.


2 points:

The 1st season Simpsons episode where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball inscribed with his name, nearly driving her into the
arms of a smarmy faux-French bowling instructor voiced by Albert Brooks is one of the all-time-best. It's in my top two, along
with the Marge v. Itchy and Scratch episode.

Real men don't economize hand-motion. We use our feet and thus economize time, not having to wash our hands.

I'll bet #3 probably is true, though the 2:1 earning ratio seems pretty high.
Though I am predisposed to believing any narrative that reminds us of our monkeyhood.

#3, I am curious about the average earning of those girls on pills. They essentially pegged their currency (of charm), unlike the other girls who allow their currency to free float. I wonder which policy yields better overall earning.

A friend that's a dancer/dj/bartender uses those pheromone perfumes. She says the female pheromones help her with tips when she's dancing. She uses male pheromones when bartending because that stops the guys from groping and flirting with her.

She mixed up and wore the female pheromones when she was bartending and she had a horrible, grab-assy night.

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