How To Talk About Books You Haven’t Read

What a wonderful title.  This new sensation, by French intellectual superstar Pierre Bayard, tells how to liberate our reading habits from the oppression of our most formidable peers (we carry around books to look cool) and more importantly from our own ever-more-demanding selves, which pursue the perfect reading experience but for largely misconceived and self-destructive Freudian reasons; rather than improving our reading, we should instead perfect a new kind of "anti-reading," and as part of a broader program of reconciling antinomies, de-objectifying the book, revising Barthes to fit a new and partially unhidden world where structures can be liberating, and uncovering the not yet fully recognized Proustian roots of the modern sensibility.

Highly recommended, it comes out tomorrow.


It's almost like you haven't read any Barthes at all...ah, I get it.

I'd like to talk about this book. But not having read it, I don't yet know how. In order to not have to read it, I'd have to read it first.

Before I got the joke, I thought this just fell under what you called 'aspirational' posts. Perhaps this is why the postmodernists became popular - they kept reading incomprehensible verbosity and multitudinous references, figuring something was there?

Wow--how po mo! Heck why don't we do one on econmics research! Why bother reading any of the journals
just send us a digest Tyler! We can use jargon to describe things we never read! Not so much
post modern but post literate!

It worked in high school English class, I can't imagine social situations being any more difficult.

What's with the opposition in the comments? Have you never heard of bulls**t?


An interesting article explains how there is a new start-up company whose purpose is to write up 100 page abstracts on magazine articles, so that people don't have to read them.

I'm french. Pierre Bayard is totally unknown in France ! He's not a "French Intellectual superstar".

I bought this because you recommended it, and I found it absolutely delightful. Laughed out loud at several places, and it got me to think. Wonderful. Thank you!

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