Tyler Cowen gets mean and mad

I’ve now done a full review of Naomi Klein:

Most of the book is a
button-pressing, emotionally laden, whirlwind tour of global events
over the last 30 years: Katrina, the invasion of Iraq, torture in Chile,
the massacre in Tiananmen Square, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and
the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The book offers not so much
an argument but rather a Dadaesque juxtaposition of themes and
supposedly parallel developments in the global market. Above the
excited recitation stands Milton Friedman as the überdemon of the march
toward global tyranny and squalor…

Often Ms. Klein’s proffered
connections are so impressionistic and so reliant on a smarmy wink to
the knowing that it is impossible to present them, much less critique
them, in the short space of a book review…

Ms. Klein also tellingly remarked, "I believe people believe their own bullshit. Ideology can be a great enabler for greed."

When it comes to the best-selling "Shock Doctrine," that is perhaps the bottom line on what Klein herself has been up to.

Here is the full review; just imagine if I hadn’t liked the book!


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