Shopping hour restrictions

In Zurich almost everything is closed on Sundays, even my hotel restaurant.  There is one massive underground shopping mall clustered at the railway station, where for obvious reasons ("travelers") there is a Sunday shopping exemption.  I believe this is by far the largest mall in Zurich and of course it was open.  The ugliness of the mall, and the inconvenience of the low ceilings, illustrates just how much Sunday shopping is worth.  (That is why one of the world’s wealthiest cities, and a pretty one at that, has such a monstrosity for shopping.)  Small entrepreneurs cannot compete with this (chain-laden) mall on Sundays, so I wonder if the hours restriction even favors small business on net.  The legal restrictions on outworking the competition also help explain why immigrants to Switzerland don’t move up the economic ladder as well as many American immigrants do.

Free Swiss shopping, free it now.


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