My favorite things Honduran

1. The best known Honduran painter is Jose Antonio Velásquez, here is a typical image.

2. America Ferrara, who plays Betty in Ugly Betty, is of Honduran parents.  I like that show, I don’t love it.

3. This guy did lots of scientific work, including the laying of some foundations for Viagra, and he married a Belgian princess.  I’ve yet to benefit from his existence.

Plus I would cite a few personal acquaintances, past and present, of whom I am very fond.  That’s what I can think of folks, and I wouldn’t have found #3 without Google.  This website assures us "There are famous people from Honduras," although the link to the list of them is broken.

I have also read one short story from Honduras, from an anthology of Latin American short stories; it is entitled "Malaria."

I might add I am very fond of airfares to Honduras; right now the roundtrip is cheaper than the one way shuttle to New York City.  And maybe the flight is quicker too, no holding patterns over LaGuardia!

Most of all I like places where no one else goes, and I expect this short weekend trip to be very worth its while.


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