The most frequently pirated material of 2007

That is one way to discover what is hot.  On the other hand, the most frequently pirated movie of 2007 was Resident Evil: Extinction, with Milla Jovovich, so perhaps we do not have a representative sample of consumers here.


"If you want a true snapshot of what people are watching and whom they're listening to online, look no further than the file-sharing underground."

No. If you want to know what "people who share files online" are swapping (and watching and listening to?), look no further than the file-sharing underground.

How large is this subset of "people"?

On the other hand, Resident Evil: Extinction may well be the most popular movie that people expect to be bad and so don't want to pay for.

Ooh, just read the last part - 1/3 download thru BT

You people don't get it. The end result is a change in the way studios are Picking Up films not funding them. The issue is now that even the hedge funds, foreign buyers and things like flow thrus and shelters are drying up as a result of a 6 billion dollar loss of revenue from file sharing. Where is the money going to come from? I used to bank the contracts i got from a spanish and german buyer to fund my indies. Coupled with a tax credit there was more than enough money to fund films. Now those buyers aren't prebuying, but waiting for the after market to have their pick of privately funded high risk films and they are doing nothing about the P2P issue at all; however they still take their 35% or so on dollars that are made.

It bothers me that people still try and use the "sharing" word in this epidemic. No ....there's nothing wrong with 1,000,000 people downloading the new indie from Focus or New Line....they won't miss the 8,000,000 bucks cause all those people will go out and buy it if they really like it...BULLSHIT!

I think the most pirate material is an indication of the kind of stuff that people would like to have but are not willing to cough up much money for. This is the stuff at the margin.

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