The Myth of the Rational Amazon Book Reviewer

Here is one review of Bryan Caplan from the site:

The reality is a book written for the university educated and the class of society who never have to fear unemployment. The university style of writing makes it difficult to understand what he is going on about, since you have to keep looking up a dictionary. It is also rather boring, which makes it difficult to hold your concentration. The basic theme of the book is that economists think that the ordinary voter is irrational when it comes to politics and voting. The economist argues that because the economy keeps getting stronger; they are always right, and the public always wrong. Trade protectionism, mass immigration of cheap labour, downsizing which causes mass unemployment are all supported by the economist and not supported by the voter.

Here are his other reviews, he likes Sidney Bechet but doesn’t say whether or not he votes.  Thanks to Bryan for the pointer.


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