Markets in everything, German style

Nude flights, there is more information here.  It’s from Erfurt to the Baltic and it costs about $800.  The plane seats 55 people.  You can book here.

Thanks to Robert Anderson for the pointer.


There already have been some nude charter flights from the United States to Caribbean resorts.

I hope they have seat covers on those flights...

One more terrorist attempt on an airline and this will be standard practice.

guessing that you're german from your first name, please at least pretend you have the tiniest bit of humor

Peter --

Trust me on this: if you decide to book one of those "New York to the Caribbean nude flights," be absolutely sure that you booked it for the correct day. Most non-naturists are amazingly hostile when you and your friends disrobe in their presence. The flight attendant was amazingly snooty too, like she didn't own a birthday suit.

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I wonder what price they will charge for the service. I also wonder how they’ll deal with people who don’t have credit cards. I don’t know about Ireland, but it’s very common for low-income people in the US to not have credit cards and often not even have a bank account. This opens up a rather harsh two-tier system where many poor people pay a lot for the simple ability to move money around, something that people with checking accounts and even debit cards do easily. So anyway, I wonder what happens when you have someone on your plane who simply can’t pay for the toilet.

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