The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

Arnold Kling reports:

…the new  Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
is dirt cheap. The hardback edition retails for $45 and runs over 600
pages, in an unusually large 8-1/2 by 11 size. Contributors include
Bryan and myself, but most of the authors are actually respectable. In
fact, many are quite renowned. Although it is structured as a reference
work, it can be fun just to read. But I don’t recommend taking it on
your next plane trip.

The editor was David R. Henderson, who sometimes comments on this blog. 

He is also author of the excellent and much underrated The Joy of Freedom.  Russ Roberts and I were on the editorial board and we are also contributors.  The publisher is Liberty Fund.  I haven’t seen a copy yet of the final edition, but I believe this will be a very useful way for many people to learn economics.  The Amazon link is here.


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