Forget your cares and dream about Alesund


That’s in Norway and if you live there you don’t even have to worry about oil prices going up; fortunately I’ve been paying off the mortgage rather than buying new stocks (though JPMorgan is up), so maybe I can visit.  Here are other memorable photos, albeit not of Alesund.


What about sea levels going up? ;)

Price of a gallon of gasoline in Norway: More than 9 dollars. Needless to say, Norwegians find it quite amusing when Americans complain about rising oil prices

Why pay off your mortgage? You're decreasing your liquidity, since it will be difficult to borrow as much or at as good an interest rate in the future.

It looks like a scene on the inside of a snow globe.

...the link to 'other memorable photos' led me to the blog of some Leo Hickman, who, as it turned out according to Wikipedia, is a journalist with The Guardian. He regulalrly writes for the Ethical Living section of Guardian Unlimited offering advice on readers' ethical concerns. Hickman also wrote two books on the theme, Life Stripped Bare: My Year Trying To Live Ethically and A Good Life.
...and I randomly clicked on the link to his latest blog post (Why we need to throttle 'breakneck breaks'), concerned with the proliferation of leisure airtravel, and subseqently to more carbon polution blah-blah-blah...
...and on the right side of the page there is (why am I not surprised) an advertisement block -

Africa Adventure Holidays ... Kenya Dhow Sailing Adventure... Vacation homes for rent close to Disney in Orlando, Florida at reasonable rates. Heated pool and hot tub with on-site cup insurance ...

...ain't these enviros preposterously hilarious?!
So much for 'Ethical Living'...

What makes Ã…lesund so wonderful is that it had the misfortune to be nearly destroyed by fire in 1904. Just as the great Chicago fire of 1871 attracted all the best and brightest young architects to rebuild that city, many of the best young Nordic architects flocked to Ã…lesund.

The prevailing avantgarde style was Jugendstil, and Ã…lesund is an extraordinary treasure trove of quirky, inspiring Jugendstil buildings. A similar story – this time an earthquake in 1895 – explains why Slovenia's capital Ljubljana is filled with fantastic Secessionist buildings.

Good news: I just found out that Møre og Romsdal (where Ålesund is located) is the 13th cheapest location in Norway, with an average real estate price of 19,400 kroner ($3345 USD) per sq. metre compared to the nationwide average of 24,900 and 33,800 for Oslo where it's most expensive.

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