Blogger joke of the day

How do you tell if a blogger is extroverted? When he talks with you, he looks at your shoes.

That’s from this thread.


If you're going to update the joke, shouldn't you update the joke?

How about "He looks at your hit counter"?

India post was wrong, not a fact. Sorry! I took it down.

I heard a similar joke in a TED talk by a statistician who's name escapes me. But he used statistician (mathematician?) in the punch line. It struck me as funnier with a statistician/mathematician than a blogger.

It was also heard recently (within two months?) with engineers in place of bloggers, on the national "Whaddya Know?" quiz/talk public radio show. So probably, a fair number of people have recently heard it for the first time. (Myself included.)

We used to tell that joke in Engineering school back in the 1990s (with the subject being someone in one of the hard sciences).

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