Pollo Campero

company, part of the Corporación Multi Inversiones, a diversified
privately owned group with interests including finance, real estate,
construction and agriculture, does not post earnings. But, according to
reliable sources, total income last year was between $380m and $400m (£199m) (€254m). That is about 1.2 per cent of Guatemala’s gross domestic product [emphasis added].

…the best example of how it has adapted its image is China,
where the company used its heritage to appeal to the local crowd – even
though Guatemala is not usually associated with things most foreigners
identify as Latin American, such as soccer and Salsa.

people are obsessed with Latin pop culture but they don’t really
distinguish between countries,” says Mr Weaver. “So we tried to
associate ourselves with figures such as Ricky Martin as well as with
Latin American and Spanish football,” he says.

So far, thanks
also in part to a new “extra crisp” line of chicken, sales are
reportedly strong. Juan José Gutiérrez, Pollo Campero’s chief
executive, recently told La Opinión, the US Spanish language daily
newspaper, that: “The Latin concept is well received and they loved our

Here is more.  It is very good chicken, I like the branch in Falls Church, on Colombia Pike.  I might add that there is a notable trend of successful Latino multinationals.  If Pollo Campero shows nothing else, it is too early to pronounce the Latino market-oriented reforms to be failures.


Honestly, Pollo Campero is some of the best chicken I've ever had. I had no idea they had them in the US. Now, if they would export their Tacontento restaurants, I'd be set.

It's odd that latin culture has become so popular in China while not in the U.S, even as the country becomes more hispanic. Americans were more into latin culture in the 50s.

Latin chicken has become the coffee of the 00's in some ways. There are about 5 copycat chains that I know of in the DC suburbs.

It's hard to believe that Pollo Campero is dong well in china because the real thing is tha Spain is the owner of the recipe not Guatemala. The family that owns now the cahin are not the real owners of the recipe the recipe is fro Spain and the Spaniars went o Guatemala in the early 70's to open the Pollo campero but they kept the recipe the now so called owners are people without any education and they expanded the chain exploiting the people in Guatemala. They tried to get into construction and failed so bad. they are trying to get into real Estate and are failing due to poor sales and lack of construction experts in their business as building condominious and offfice building with so cheap labor and lack of knowledge in the construction business their buildgs are very unsafe and they don't build tehm acording with the internacional codes is unsafe and many of my americans colegues wouldn't even live in one of their few buildings. they don't even use steel neither belive in HDCP tiolets and their exits are not accorrding to our fire code here in the USA. Good luck with their pollo campero because after a few minutes smells so bad that I woudn't even recommended.

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