Ontdek je innerlijke econoom


The Dutch edition is out now, or at least I have copies in my hands.  You can buy it at these places.  The Korean edition is out as well, but I don’t know how to Google the title.


Dank U Wel..

Too bad I don't speak Dutch. The English edition was good though.


It looks like the Dutch edition made the leaves of the carrot look more like pot.

Or am I just stoned?

Interestingly, this release coincided with this native dutchmen returning to the netherlands for the first time since going to study with Dr. Cowen.

For some reason, "inner" feels different to me than "innerlijke". Maybe this has something to do with Dutch talking about " innerlijk" vs. "uiterlijk", character vs. looks.

Please come to tibia gp, we will give you a great surprise.

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