Assorted links

1. Megan Non-McArdle quits blogging, at least for the time being. 

I’ve long felt that the routine of married life fits the routine of blogging very well; I really do wake up the same hour each morning, more or less.  If I weren’t married I would still blog but I would feel more conflicted about it and perhaps she does too.  ("You’re funnier on the blog" one loyal (and beautiful) MR reader once told me upon meeting.)  Dating and blogging either means the blog is a secret (but for how long?) or the potential partner "dates the blog" before dating you.  Do I really want to be explaining "Markets in Everything" on a first or second date?  ("No, I don’t want you as a prostitute.  Most of the entries are sad, or satirical, but there is a secret code to indicate the ones I approve of.  For further explanation, go to the middle chapter in Montaigne’s second book of Essays.")  Maybe the blog is more charming than I am and I would do better to send it on my dates but that’s still an odd place to be.  In any case my guess is that Megan Non-McArdle is doing the right thing by quitting.  We all wish Megan Non- well in her quest for Mr. Non-McArdle, and in her quest for everything else, etc.


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