Donald C, Lavoie, intellectual father of the econoblogosphere

Don Lavoie taught at GMU many years before he passed away in 2001.  Most of Don’s work was in comparative systems and central planning, but in the early to mid 90s he spent a few years investigating hypertext.  Don claimed that someday economics would be written in linkable, annotatable form, rather than on paper.  Economics, in his Gadamer-drenched view, would become one big giant conversation rather than a series of isolated papers.  Here is one snippet of his views.  For a few years he talking about the idea non-stop.

At the time I thought he was crazy.


I am becoming more and more of a proponent this idea: If no one thinks your ideas are crazy/stupid/offensive, you're not being very innovative. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep this in mind on a daily basis. I remember thinking what a lame idea Yahoo was when I first saw it in 1995 or so, and I still have a hard time believing that $20 B per year of the most sophisticated technology development in the world is being supported by stupid little text ads next to my email (Google). So here's to people like Don for looking past that.

How about Culture and Enterprise for the next book club?

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