Ezra Klein on Kindle

At the end of the day, the true advances won’€™t come in the Kindle, but
in the content. Just as the capabilities of the device will shape what
authors decide to do with it, so too will the decisions of authors
shape the evolution of the device. The Kindle a€™s homepage already
features videotaped testimonials from such literary luminaries as Toni
Morrison, Michael Lewis, James Patterson, and Neil Gaiman. But what the
Kindle, and Amazon, need is not their kind words, but more of their written
words, composed with an eye toward the possibilities offered by
electronic text. Just as the early television shows were really radio
programs with moving images, the early electronic books are simply
printed text uploaded to a computer. Amazon could use its unique
position to change that.

Here is more.  Here is Megan McArdle on Kindle: "Best thing since sliced bread."  Here is me on Kindle, before and after trying it.


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