Assorted links

1. Rules of successful consulting, via Craig Newmark.

2. U. Chicago’s new Milton Friedman Center.

3. An anti-shyness drug?  And it is backed by at least one economist, namely Paul Zak.

4. Pele robbed at gunpoint, in Santos, Brazil.

5. Advice on…how to give advice.

6. Tomorrow Museum.


I thought the anti-shyness drug was alcohol...

Oh man, in the time it took me to write my comment, Dave beat me to it.

Hodak's Rule 18-b related to advice-giving: Everyone wants to learn. Nobody wants to be taught.

And being taught by a college kid (where your link comes from) is especially asking a lot from most people.

Amber - said like a typical introvert. You don't just know what a good time you're missing, obviously. ;)

"...What's more, it is a very safe product that does not have any side effects and is not addictive."

Obviously spoken by someone without a uterus and who has never been in love. Oh, and since it can cause
strokes, perhaps he doesn't have a brain either. Sticking to the recommended dosage is pretty safe, but
saying there are no side effects is just silly.

Oxytocin is quite remarkable. In addition to the other benefits discussed, it literally makes mothers forget how bad labor and delivery are, which is vital to the continuation of the species. Because if women were able to remember just how bad it is, they wouldn't consent to doing it multiple times.

To illustrate what I mean, the day after giving birth my recollection of the event was reduced to a few mental snapshots. One of the comments my OB made as he was patching me up was, "ready to do it again next year?" I laughed and said hell no. But now almost 4 months later it doesn't seem like such a bad idea...

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