Assorted links

1. Something else happens, via Bruce Charlton

2. "Civil War," an excellent new paper by Chris Blattman and Edward Miguel

3. Convenience yield, an excellent introduction; by the way Jeffrey Williams is a good author on the intuitive properties of futures and forward markets as they relate to storage.

4. The Japanese equivalent of the Hummer.

5. How to hire new people, by Auren Hoffman

6. Whose incomes are growing riskier?  It’s only about five percent of the distribution.


"The Japanese government is struggling to meet obligations under the Kyoto global warming treaty..."

There is something ironic about this. Which leads me to think: should the next round of climate talks be held in an American city, thus creating implicit pressure on the United States to adhere to any resulting treaty? It would be uncomfortable for the U.S., would it not, to fail to meet its obligations under the Kansas City treaty?

Did America really have a "romance" with the Hummer? I think most people hate them. And while 68% of Japanese households have these fancy toilets, fewer than one out of every 500 autos sold in the US is a Hummer.

Ave Maria? The Japanese are clearly not constipated.
I consider every bit of energy used by those toilets is energy well spent.

No. 5: So much for efficiency wages!

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