At the Beijing Airport

At the Beijing airport as the customs official questions you, you get to rate them – there is an electronic box, hidden from their view, that asks for your rating of service.  Damn, this is better than democracy!  I was "extremely satisfied."

On the other hand, MarginalRevolution is blocked but I can still access Typepad.


I think their boss or managers don't care the rating, and their remuneration will not be affect. It is just a cheat.

Many URLs were blocked by China, If you want to access, try Firefox+TOR

Hah. Tyrone would know that the really run way to run the customs station would be to have the rating appear to be hidden from the guard, but to give the guard a realtime readout of the choice.

Can't anyone here run an evil dictatorship anymore?

Based on what I saw in China, the rating is usually related to the promotion and other benefits of the worker. This kind of system is also in banks and many other places in China.

So they asked the opinions of people about where to put those kazillion dams?

Perhaps the guard with the democratically selected lowest rating is made to face the firing squad.

And, are you sure the marginal revolution is blocked? I vaguely remember
accessing it in Beijing this summer.

Sometimes it all depends on the connection speed. Often times a website
that I can access in one city of China cannot be accessed in another city.

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