First Stop in the New World

The subtitle is Mexico City, The Capital of the 21st Century.  If you are familiar with this charming metropolis, it is a superb book.  Excerpt:

Apart from the obvious problems of traffic and transportation, the growth created other confusing complications.  Today, out of the city’s eighty-five thousand streets, there are about eight hundred fifty called Juárez, seven hundred fifty named Hidalgo, and seven hundred known as Morelos.  Two hundred are called 16 de Septiembre, while a hundred more are called 16 de Septiembre Avenue, Alley, Mews, or Extension.  Nine separate neighborhoods are called La Palma, four are called Las Palmas, and there are numerous mutations: La Palmita, Las Palmitas, Palmas Inn, La Palmas Condominio, Palmas Avenida, La Palma I y Palma I-II Unidad Habitacional.

Here is the Amazon link.  Here is the author’s home page and blog, which has an excellent Raymond Chandler quotation.


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