Markets in everything, cultural diplomacy edition

In Paraguay the latest hit record — and yes it is a hit — is by the U.S. Ambassador singing Paraguayan folk songs in the language of Guarani.  Crowds love it, though one Paraguayan critic compared it to "the monotone of a tired bird."  The ambassador had no previous professional singing experience.  One Paraguayan Senator is asking his Congress to denounce the diplomat.  "Paraguayans cry when they hear it" is another, more laudatory assessment.  Here is the interesting story.

Here is a speech by the ambassador, excerpt:

We are not building a military base………  We are not stealing the Guarani aquifer………….  We are not buying up the Chaco…………….

The truth is that our agenda is very positive, both for the region and for Paraguay.


This is one of the only examples I've ever seen where an ambassador actually acts as a messenger of good-will. Heart-warming!

While I agree the Ambassador's efforts at learning Guarani and singing have probably translated into some serious goodwill, I don't think these translate to a cohesive and helpful US-PAraguayan policy.

The fact is the United States has an airbase already in Paraguay just outside Mariscal Lopez and has conducted numerous military exercises throughout the country, including a 6 month stint in 2001 near Concepcion. The Concepcion operation had helicopters flying over people's fields and houses at high speeds and did not include any explanation to the locals.

Fact number 2: Bush' daughter bought about 100,000 acres in the Chaco over the Guarani Aquifer The reports of the purchase have never been confirmed nor denied by Paraguayan or American officials.

Meanwhile, the US continued to pass aid funds directly to the Paraguayan government, which has a history of vying with Bolivia for first place in the most corrupt Latin American government contest.

Am I to infer that it is unusual for a US diplomat to learn a foreign tongue?

I can't believe the YouTube video Luke G posted only has 177 hits. Either fewer people read the comments than I imagined, or very few people actually wanted to hear the singing. As for me, I'm looking for additional videos, I understand the infatuation.

話說台灣徵信社都如何進行外遇蒐證 ?
1. 先調查出有關於被查者的背景資料及生活規律習慣。
2. 規劃出被查者的可疑時間點以及地點 。
3. 針對交通工具及環境,派遣調查員實施外遇蒐證。
4. 將被查者去哪?見誰? 做什麼? 予以調查並蒐集證據。


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