Assorted links

1. America’s hot new restaurant

2. Incentives work, n = 1 (and now n=2)

3. The Milky Way; it loads a little slowly but it’s worth it

4. Markets in everything: death tourism


Blue Hill at Stone Barns sounds (and looks) incredible.

Silly aside - I find it interesting how many people (including the author of the article) have trouble spelling the German "ie". Riesling becomes Reisling, Wiener becomes Weiner, and so on. Proofreaders never seem to catch it. I am a terrible speller, but for some reason that's not a mistake I am ever tempted to make.

Switzerland has a fair share of death tourism, too. Sterbetourismus even made it to the word of the year 2007.


After seeing the mention of "pay someone if you don't lose the weight" here I believe, I made the following bargain with my teenage son. Every Saturday we have an official weigh in. If I haven't lost at least 2 pounds I pay him $100. The deal ends after one year or 100 pounds- about how much extra weight I have.

It's only been 8 days but I was down 7 pounds in the first week. I've lost up to 60 pounds before but I've never been this motivated. My son taunts me all day with offers of high calorie food to consume. After I get to my goal weight I plan to start a new incentive plan to maintain the weight loss this time. So I will soon see if n does equal at least 2 on this concept.

An acquaintance has about $6500 on a bet with various friends as to whether he can lose 35 lbs in 4 months. Pretty sure he's going to lose on his own, but I offered to bake cookies and bring them over to his house if the people who bet against him pay me. :)

Me? Forget the restaurant. Whatever. I liked #3. Not just for the image (fantastic!) but for the motto Tyler coined for our galaxy - "The Milky Way; it loads a little slowly but it's worth it". Now we just need to get it translated into Latin.

Orbis Lacteus - appareo lentulus at insestimabilis

Other good space photos.

"I suggest he measure waist size: 1 inch = 4 pounds of fat. At 6'2" and 174 pounds he could very well be at 12%. We can't tell whether he is a string bean with a pot belly or lean and muscular."

You're going to have to try harder than that to get me to put topless pictures of myself on the internet...


Tim Harford + Mike Moffatt

Good for you, Mike Moffatt! Many people deceive themselves about bodyfat. But you might be below 12% (and could be pleasantly surprised by underwater weighing). I doubt your waist will shrink anymore, and you are underweight for such a tall guy. At this point you could reduce bodyfat % more by putting on 10-20 pounds of muscle. It will be a struggle and require lifting heavy weights.

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