How are wines arranged in the store?

The wine aisle in your grocery store is probably organized this way.
Yes, I know there is a California section and an Import section and
even a jug/box wine spot, but look within each wine display and you’ll
see the clear price stratification effect. The wines you have come to
buy are probably on the shelf just below your natural eye level, so
that you cannot help but see those special occasion wines just above
them (and the higher priced wines above them on the top shelf). Cheaper
wines are down below, near the floor, so that you have to stoop down to
choose them.

The physical act of taking the wine from the shelf mirrors the
psychological choice you make – reach up for better (more expensive)
wines, stoop down for the cheaper products. The principle will be the
same in upscale supermarkets and discount stores but the choices (what
price wine will be at the bottom, middle and top) will differ as you
might expect.

Here is the full post, which includes a photo.


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