The Lehman gift that keeps on giving

DonorsChoose is one of more than 200 nonprofits that Lehman
aids each year. Through corporate contributions and grants from
its U.S. and European foundations, it [Lehman Foundation] distributed $39 million in
the 12 months ended in November 2007, according to Lehman’s Web

Melissa Berman, chief executive of Rockefeller Philanthropy
, which advises individuals and corporations about giving
away money, said the [Lehman] foundation must close — eventually —
because it no longer has a corporation sustaining it. Yet its
assets are protected from creditors, she said.   

Here is the story.  Here is a story on the Lehman art collection.  Here are articles about how Lehman has several times won the Credit Derivatives House of the Year Award, including the Asia version of the award in 2008.


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