The Fall Season

1. The new Pamuk novel, right now in German and Turkish only.

2. The new Miyazaki movie: Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.  Trailer (sort of) here.  It’s at film festivals now, the full U.S. release date is 2009.

3. The next Malcolm Gladwell book.

4. Jose Saramago, Death at Intervals (the other title is Death With Interruptions).  I snagged an advance copy from the UK; sadly he is past his vital powers.

5. Here is a broader fall books preview.

6. The Clash Live at Shea Stadium, coming on disc.  I am lucky enough to have seen them at the Passaic Theatre before they became truly famous.

7. Ashes of Time Redux, due out October 10th.  Maybe the re-edited version of this classic (but in my view unwatchable) Wong Kar-Wai film will finally make sense.

What am I missing?


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