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In high school, when we got our first Casio pocket calculators, we used to play this game where we would punch "1" "+" "+" and then "=" a hundred times as fast as we could to make the display count up to 101. We called it the hundred meter dash. It was a humbling experience that none of us could do it in less than ten seconds (the fastest one, a drummer in a band, did it in about 12 seconds), so we were slower tapping a finger than the fastest athletes racing the hundred meters. Maybe I should've kept the calculator and tried it again later...

Turing trade looks like a scam to me. Nowhere do I see any identification of who is behind it. I suspect that anyone who enters their credit card information or whatever to make trades there is asking for trouble.

turingtrade only asks for a username and password

Click on "What is Turing trade?"

Too bad it's not a site for betting on whether Turing machines will halt.

Thank you Mark, Peter and Andy, I came here to say exactly the same thing. I was wondering how the heck one would bet on Turing machines.

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