Assorted links

1. Yale course on game theory, on-line

2. New blog on Austrian economics

3. Stunning pictures of slime mold

4. What happens at age 10?

5. New blog (?) about derivatives


Interesting piece on internalized color-blindness. A difficult general question for me in raising children has been how to teach them to externally conform to social norms without internalizing those norms which are actually silly. I don't have a particularly good answer.

slime mold --> game theory <-- economics

Thanks for posting my blog. What an "eclectic" bunch of comments.

My thanks to Tyler for the truly stunnning "slime mold" photos. Life goes on!

thanks~ especially, yale link~!

"I, for one, would love a good blog about calculus..."

Yeah, why oh why can't we have a better blog corps covering integrals?

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