I want my Felix Salmon

Employees said they were told Thursday that most of Portfolio’s Web
site staff would be dismissed and that much of the content unique to
the site would be dropped.

Please keep him, we need him (and Zubin too).  I hold out hope in that word "most."  Here is the story.  Media, like new library books, are being hurt by the downturn and the slowing of advertising dollars.  I fear that the non-independent blogosphere may be in for a bit of a financial bloodbath.  So often the bloggers were an "investment in long-term name and image" rather than a profit center.

Update: So far, so good.  Felix lives!


Felix is one of the best. Isn't hit blog extremely popular? It'd be a shame to see him go - and I imagine that bloggers are fairly low cost high production relative to the other parts of journalism. No editors and support personnel required.

I just started reading him a few weeks ago. He was a great addition to my reader.

Sorry, he's pathetic. Brief, 1-D analysis in a 3-D world. Yeah, maybe he made some money once or kissed somebody big's ass, or maybe he's a hoot at cocktail parties, but only 1/10 of his columns are insightful or worth reading. He put ZERO effort into his blog. In fact, almost all the bloggers on the Nast site are seriously weak or flawed.

Go to Nakedcapitalism.com if you want to read a blog from someone who is smart and knows how to hustle. Bigpicture or AngryBear, Economists view, I could spout ten others.

Felix is a poser. He struck a pose and for some reason people took him seriously. Maybe he'll just be a fixture at parties in the future.

Landon, don't be such a dick. FS may not always have got things right, but he was considered, informative and always willing to admit he was wrong, a rare trait.

Zubin Jelveh of Odd Numbers has to stay too - his blog is one of the best on the net.

I, for one, am rooting for a layoff. Only in that event will he be free to join this blog and cement the foundation of the coming MR empire.

Jeez, I hope if they ax him you'll give him space here (for the brief time before another gig snaps him up of course).

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