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Parker is the single most objective analyst of the depression and especially of the 1933-1940 recovery.

My favorite point that he makes is that Friedman demonstrated that Fed policy did not change policy after 1933. The expansion of the money supply was due to FDR monetizing the increase in gold supply and that the Treasury had to fight a restrictive Fed throughout the 1933-1940 era.

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Kiyoshi Ito was an excellent mathematician and an honorable man
by all accounts. It is too bad that his lemma was misused to serve
as the basis for the pricing of options and derivatives via the
Black-Scholes formula. The problem is that it models stochastic
processes whose variability is characterized solely by variance.
As is well known now, pretty much all financial asset returns
exhibit kurtosis as well as variance, the latter insufficiently
characterizing what is involved. While practitioners have moved
on to more complicated variations on the formula, reality has managed
to remain a step or two ahead, and Ito's Lemma is a far too simple
basis for a solution.

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