The meta-lists, this time for classical music

The end of the year is coming and so I will digest the numerous "best of" lists for you once again.  These picks are for classical music CDs and they are from Fanfare, the number one source of criticism for new classical releases.  Here are the CDs that appeared more than once on their reviewers’ "best of the year" lists:

Vincent Persichetti: Piano Sonatas; knotty American piano music.

Morton Feldman: The Viola in My Life, I-IV.

Alkan Organ Works, vol.II, by Kevin Bowyer

Bach, Brandenburg Concerti, rerecorded by Trevor Pinnock.

Brahms, Sonatas for Clarinet and Piano, by Manasse and Nakamatsu.

Thomas Simaku, String Quartets; intense, from Albania.

As usual, classical "best of" lists give disproportionate weight to material which had not previously been recorded, in this case the Persichetti which of all the entries is named the most often.  The Brahms is the one most likely to please you, or the Pinnock.  I can vouch for the quality of the others but when it comes to genre they won’t convert the unpersuaded.


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