More Krugman-Bush captions

Sadly typepad is slow with some comments, I believe due to a switch of platforms (you’ll notice some funny formatting and spacing in some posts as well; our apologies).  Some of the Krugman-Bush photo captions are still not up but I wanted to pass along a few of my not-yet-published favorites.

Can you show me that ‘push on a string” trick again?

Paul, I did everything I could to make that book of yours,
The Return of Depression Economics, a bestseller.

Boy, did we put one over on those gullible Americans

“I’m glad this is almost over, he must not understand what I

“They think we actually believe the $hit we say; pretty
funny, huh?”

My favorite is: “So Paul, ever been to Cuba before?”

If you think you can beat these, please let further suggestions in the comments on this post.


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