The Life and Times of Raul Prebisch 1901-1986

The author is Edgar J. Dosman and this is a clear winner for most neglected book of the year.  It is a very good economic and intellectual history of Argentina, a first-rate history of economic thought on the idea of import substitution, and an excellent biography, all at the same time.

It cost me $40 and I haven't regretted it.  Every page is full of content.  It's not easily excerpted but on Thanksgiving here is one bit I enjoyed:

Raúl and Adelita were now impatient to get home; they had been away for a full three months, but there was no escaping the boredom of wartime travel in the Americas, with one uncomfortable and bumpy flight after next and numerous stopovers — Miami, Mexico, Panama, Lima, Santiago, and finally Mendoza, where they boarded a train for the last leg to Buenos Aires.

You can buy it here.  And if you agree with Dani Rodrik more than you agree with me, you may like the book more yet.

Here is some background information on Raúl Prebisch.


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