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Oh come on. We just elected a very smart philosopher king and he's bringing in a lot more very smart philosopher kings. Everything is going to be just fine. Just fine....

From Caplan, relaying an interview of a religious official

Q: The niat (intention) of the fatwa is one thing, but its application is another. What is going to happen if someone who has heard of this fatwa starts harrassing a woman whom he feels is dressed or behaving like a man?
A: Let's forget about the possibility of harassment by men.

Q: We can't.
A: Alright. But what if the woman who behaves like a man attracts the attention of other women. Doesn't that also present a threat of harassment?

I'm glad human nature is so predictable. Even over there the conservatives are worried about how person A's behavior will affect person B, and the liberals are worried about how person B's behavior will affect person A. It seems just plain tolerance and not letting people's behavior influence you one way or the other is the scarcest resource. Why don't we teach our kids not to let strange behavior make them strange and not to let "fatwahs" or the equivalent do their thinking for them?

Re Yikes -

I found this charming sentence in one of the comments to Professor DeLong's post-

"I posted this a few weeks ago on dailyKos where it was largely ignored, but I still think these ideas have some merit."

Made me laugh, like a piece of overheard conversation.

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