Joe the Plumber and his favorite books

Joe reads economics:

The Theory of Money and Credit (Ludwig von Mises): "It brought
monetary theory into the mainstream of economic analysis. It is
important reading for these troubled times."

My theory is that someone in Ron Paul’s camp told him to say that.  Here is the full list of his favorite books.  Here is my source.  Here is an on-line version of TOMAC.  Scrolling through it a bit, it is more readable than my recollection and it remains one of the better 20th century books on monetary theory.


I think it's pretty obvious now, Mr. "Plumber" is not quite who he was portrayed to be during the campaign.

Wow, is this like super-irony, where we're all pretending not to know that the linked-to post was satire? I get this feeling like I'm supposed to think that's funny, but at the same time I don't get it.

Over at "your source" there is a whole lot of tortured logic going on for people to prove to themselves that it's impossible that a plumber, who asked a guy a question, might know a book they don't like.

For example:
"If he had named a Friedman book, maybe even a Hayek book, I’d possibly believe he chose the books himself, but Mises?"

Well, I don't know the names of any Friedman books, I know he wrote the one with the lady about the depression, and Hayek I can name "The Road to Serfdom." But, I can name several Schumpeter and a handful of Mises. I wonder if that makes me a Ron Paul insider or does it make me a wannabe plumber? Please tell me who I am!

The point is, Joe, not being in the elite crowd doesn't know it's not cool to like Mises. Do people not get that the whole elitism thing is the point of Joe the Plumber?

And Joe is already familiar with the number one rule of political orgs, the $#@!+ only runs down hill.

Tyler, I'm still waiting for your comments on the other three books that Joe has recommended. Are you going to include them in the reading list of your next course on the liquidity trap?

Look at that, four books on liquidity of some kind *rim shot*

Even plumbers can read, guys. It is frightening the way people have mocked this guy who actually just was a guy in a crowd who asked our now-president-elect a question.

But, the most surprising part of this post is that Tyler gave Mises real praise!!

Its not the government that's trying to stamp out Joe the Plumber, its their handmaidens in the MSM and
popular culture. They exhibit their intellect with herd behavior, their individuality by rigid conformity
and their open-mindedness with this bolshevism. When hypocrisy becomes a constrant trait, one should view
the hypocrite as schizoid. For those have note the left is bolshevist-Check out Jonah Goldberg's latest

"I understand why people freaked out over Sarah Palin; after all she was angling to get a position of
potentially incredible power, and she did not provide reassurance that she was eminently qualified
for the task."

I have yet to hear why BHO is "more qualified" to be president than SP, after all she knows there's
FIFTY states.

is he really going to write a book? i am ready for his 15 minutes to be up already. i always liked joe 6 pack better anyway.

I just can't imagine how Americans can allow this FOOL to get so much attention as they do. Americans must be bored with their lives.


I didn't say BHO was more qualified. I just said that I understand why people flipped out over Sarah Palin. But Joe the Plumber wasn't running for office. As far as I know, he was standing outside when a candidate walked up and so he asked a reasonable question. And now a ton of people are biting his head off and questioning whether he paid his taxes or is really a plumber or is really named Joe or really would see his taxes go up and maybe is a "FOOL" (all caps mind you).


Just to clarify, I am saying that according to my recollection, the Left went on Destroy Joe mode the moment Sean Hannity et al. started playing the Obama clip. So I agree that Joe since then has tried to milk this, but I think the campaign to destroy him was well underway before he did more than just ask his question.

Joe the Plumber meets Brock-O on October 12. John McCain mentions him in debate on October 15th. On October 16th, Toledo Blade reveals that Joe is not licensed and that he owes back taxes. Later on, Democrat official suspended for her role in diggin up dirt. Pretty quick work, eh? Moral of the story - don't make Brock-O look bad. Especially after January 20th.

when someone says, "Obama openly called for wealth redistribution!" you can say, "Did you know his real name isn't Joe, and he isn't union certified!!"


I bet they are already warming up their 2012 campaign theme.

"Sarah Palin's policies are almost completely indistinguishable from those of Joe the Plumber."

The appropriate synonym for "qualified" in this case is not "experienced", but "capable". There is no job that can give you the requisite "experience" to be president - it is an unequalled job.

However, many think that Obama is more capable of being a better president than Palin because he appears to be someone who thinks through things and solicits advice and cousel from a broad scope of people. Palin appears to foreswear thinking as a matter of principle, and listens only to herself and her small inner circle. History shows that her primary decision making-critetia are "how can I exploit this situation to reward my friends and punish my enemies?"

Palin has good political instincts, but so does Obama, and he is more likely to make considered and informed decisions. This does not mean, in a definite sense, that his decisions would be better than hers (whatever "better" means), but it is more likely that they would be.

Amen, bartman.

On JtP, I have nothing against him but wish he would just fade away (and the media should let him).

Rich, I'm not an Obama voter - I'm a libertarian who disdains pretty much all politicians. I just think Obama was the least bad choice.

I read The Theory for fun. While waiting to be picked/not picked for Jury Duty.

Ah, civic duty.

"My theory is that someone in Ron Paul's camp told him to say that"

I have no idea whether the list is parody or not, but the misconception amongst intellectuals that "the masses" couldn't possibly know or understand anything about the subjects they discuss is one reason why intellectuals are held in such contempt by much of our society. I understand how threatening it must be to realize some prole without any formal education in a subject can develop a functional understanding of something you spend every waking minute studying, but it happens.

"When hypocrisy becomes a constrant trait, one should view
the hypocrite as schizoid"

Hypocrisy is as innate a human behavior as breathing; one should view the hypocrite as normal.

The reason the left went after joe is because joe is a fool who doesn't understand public policy. It's pretty simple. He said Obama wants to destroy Israel. No one should take him seriously.

And there's no way he understood or even read that book. I mean seriously, 3 books on pipes and one obscure book on monetary theory?

JordanT: I agree that if Fox News, Sean Hannity, McCain et al. had ignored Joe the Plumber, then the Left wouldn't have sought to destroy him. But so what? Is the defense, "You can ask a question, but if others use the example in a way that hurts us, we will destroy you to blur the issue"?

People were saying that Joe brought this on himself, because he sought publicity etc. and didn't merely ask a question. And I am saying that the campaign against him started before he did anything besides ask a question. In a free country, you shouldn't have to worry, "Well what if conservative pundits like my question, and then use it against certain politicians? I'd better not make waves and get caught in the middle of this, or else I might get audited."

Love to know about his favorite books...

Aha! So, it's true, the right is mis-representing Joe the Plumber!

Samual Wurtzeler (or what ever) is leagely changing his name to Joe Plumber at the urging of the RNC. They're setting up the Palin/Plumber campagine for 2012 - Read all about it on Joe's offical Blog -
and watch the first ad at:

I think that Joe the Plumber should read new books as well. The current suggestion is good enough for me, but I have read them already so... please some new titles.

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