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1. Vote for Jesus?

2. What would Larry Summers do?

3. Beatle songs ranked; but they are way wrong on many, for instance "I Wanna Be Your Man" is much, much worse than the excellent "Good Day Sunshine."


Any ranking that puts Ringo's awful "Don't Pass Me By" and George Harrison's repetitive and annoying "Dr. Roberts" above musically creative pieces like "Yer Blues," "I Want You (She's So Heavy)," and "Why Don't We Do it in the Road," is fundamentally flawed.

It would be awfully fun to make one of those lists. Props to them, even if they're so terribly wrong.

Why not the libertarian Taxman?

Apart from the Who, the other music you listed is much worse than the Beatles.


"Dr. Robert" is a John and Paul song, and that one is repetitive but "Why Don't We Do it in the Road" isn't?

I do agree with your point in general...I want you (she's so heavy) is one of my favorites, and he ranked stupid half-songs and throwaway filler ahead of it.

Typically, George's pieces were ranked lower than they should be. Sad, it is.

No one talks about "A Day in the Life"? Really? During the Sgt. Pepper anniversary I saw countless people talking about it, most famously David Crosby who realized at that moment listening to it in acetate in McCartney's apartment that neither he nor any of his contemporaries could ever compete artistically with the Beatles.

"Sexy Sadie" is better than "While My Guitar Gently Weeps?" "I'm So Tired" is better than "Don't Let Me Down?" "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" is better than "Paperback Writer?" This list is rubbish.

"Taxman" has got to be one of the more regrettable songs for the economist. It's the one that inevitably gets brought up in a lecture as an illustration, but is one of the worst of their songs.

Barkley - Did you mean "low" as in too close to 1, or too far away from 1? I figure the latter, but wasn't sure. Either way, I think "Yesterday" is a lovely song. When I was counselor of a camp, we sang a version of "Yesterday" in which we said, "Yesterday/my parents left me and they drove away..." that we were forced to stop singing because it made the campers cry. So I can believe it's been recorded a lot.

I Want You (She's So Heavy) is #183? Seriously?

I have my problems with the list, too. I think the author puts far too many pre-1965 songs way too high. But I read the whole thing yesterday and was struck over and over by how much I learned from it. Paul thought "Michelle" was a parody of an art song, only to have everyone swoon over it? Who knew? That's hilarious.

Of course it's going to be subjective, but for people to just dismiss it out of hand or say it "sucks" -- well, give me a break. It's an impressive piece of work that I very much appreciate. By its nature, it will spark disagreement. If it inspires contempt, well, that's a comment on the poster.

I want you shes so heavy should be in the top 30, not the bottom 5

I think the author puts far too many pre-1965 songs way too high.

I'd say just the opposite--I prefer my Beatles young, hungry and raucous rather than trippy, fractious, and self-indulgent. The quintessential Beatles moment is the opening chord of 'A Hard Day's Night'. Give me the pure stuff before it was adulterated with sitars and tape loops and British Music Hall silliness.

Ringo Starr assessing the value of economists' theories would make more sense than most of these comments.

My favorite part of this discussion is that no one is too upset with the ranking of "Revolution #9"

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