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Once again, I find that I do not fit with the mainstream views on looks. Economists are so much sexier than religion profs and - ugh - sociology profs and "Not Specified."

Re: hot or not profs -- are the results the same if male and female are looked at separately?

Al Gore was the Democratic Presidential nominee and is not a lawyer.

I dont know how is the Usa, but here in South America ther is a explanation for that.
In laws school ,70% of prof are men. 85% of students are women.So you have 140 men and 4000 women. some of them can see you as hot
In Computer science almost 100 % of profs are men. 40 % of students are women.
Of course almost nobody will see you as hot.
And the hottest are schools populated by women. The not hot are but for women studies,by men.

This is a great data set. It tells us all about the mob posting on RMP. These are, on average, idiots. This is borne out by the results, of course.

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